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Welcome to Genealogy & History Links by USGHN™. The United States Genealogy & History Network™ is operated by volunteers in an effort to bring free information to users. To submit a link, visit the Submit your Links page.


Genealogy....26 Tips to Get you Started
A few suggestions that will not only get you started, but bond you closer to your relatives and future generations.

Common Research Wrong Turns
Avoiding research mistakes. From

Awesome Genealogical Tips
From Awesome Genealogy - Life in the Past Lane.

Discovering Your Family Tree

A Guide to Research

How to Start Your Family History

First Steps in Genealogy
Research Tips from the Greene County Public Library.

Genealogy 101
Ann Sharp originally posted this letter to Roots-L, a genealogy based e-mail service, on November 22, 1995, in answer to someone who inquired about how to get started on the road to genealogy. Wish I had this when I first started.

Genealogy 4 Beginners
Diaries and Letters.

Genealogy for Beginners
Some tips before you start.