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Tombstone Abbreviations & their Meanings
Provided by United States Genealogy & History Network™ (USGHN).

Tombstone Symbols & their Meanings
Provided by United States Genealogy & History Network™ (USGHN).

AHGP Cemetery Transcription & Photo Project
Cemetery listings by state and county.

Ancestors at Rest
Find your ancestors in free death records ~ coffin plates, Funeral cards, death cards, wills, memorial cards, cemeteries, vital stats, obituaries, church records, family bibles, cenotaphs and tombstone inscriptions.

Awesome Genealogy
Cemetery research online.

Cemetery Message Boards

Online Cemetery and Tombstone Transcriptions
Links to cemetery plot plans, tombstone transcriptions and/or photos, burial, death registers, etc. - Cemetery Records Online
Search and browse cemetery burial records from thousands of cemeteries.

The Acadian Odyssey
This website will further your knowledge of the Acadians' identity.

Cemetery Junction Directory
Cemeteries listed alphabetically by state, and can be searched by name.
Cemetery search by state.

Family Tree Connection
Cemetery records that have been cataloged and indexed.

United States Cemetery Searches
Free cemetery record searches form Ancestor Search.